“Every one is Intoxicated”


Some with arrogance,
Some with pride,
Some with Depression,
Some with Tension,
Some with Illusion,
Some in delusions,
Some with Love,
Some with pain,
& some I must not forget,
Are Intoxicated with Drugs,
Every one is intoxicated,
Believe me everyone is.
“Cause Intoxication near me is what keeps you away from reality- present”

Sagar athwani,


MY Love – My Sain Baba

215515_155603051169485_5024349_nI can clearly remember that 1.30 p.m of “May -2000”  a Highly charged crowd Of disciples seeing off their spiritual Leader-“SAIN BABA”((Sain Chandu Ram Sahib- respectably named as Sain Baba by his Disciples , is my spiritual Leader , My love , My Guide and someone whom I can not Define In Words)) ,chanting, with tears rolling out of their eyes. Me, a 8 year boy then, standing on a bench (so that i could see him behind the people), although did not know much about him, started chanting too,with  a spontaneous cry.
What made everyone cry when he left and celebrate whenever he Came to Pakistan From India ???? !! He must have Qualities, some qualities that made him unique and adorable!!
As Time passed I came to know few of them I would love to share with every one.
1- Listening to everyone’s Issue calmly and relaxing them by suggesting them best possible.
2-Loving everyone despite being aware of their flaws (I personally like this quality the most-not stop loving despite being aware of someone flaws).
3-Humility- My Baba Sain is renowned for this. Not even a second of arrogance despite having thousands of disciple who could do anything for him once he orders…
4- Knowledge – Oh my God, There is not anything that My Baba has left to study for tomorrow, still he reads every today even at this age of 67.Spread of knowledge (in religious terms- “Satsang”), he has been doing for last 5 decades covering every aspect of Religion, spirituality, socialism and daily life..
5-Tolerance- Even If someone said something unethical and unacceptable, they best response would be a smile and praying in his Favor , 🙂
At this odd hour of night (whom i believe are “rich in thoughts ” hours of the Day), I wished to write few Lines in the praise of My “Sain BABA”, he has Blessed me with so much.
As Days are passing, I have started Listening about his health issues , I wish he may have a wonderful safe and sound Life and He may spread love and knowledge as he has been doing since last 5 decades.
“I Love u My BABA “     may u Always be Smiling and Spreading Love…..

Sagar Athwani,