Some Experiences Worth Mentioning

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Every time I enter that half-opened Gate of Peadiatrics ward II with  (terhee Topee wala chacha saying salam sahab) I feel like I am entering an entirely Different World, A world where angels are sent to get Cured, to regain their redness & freshness.

Through my clinical rotations(approximately 24 months now), I have been a sort of pendulum swinging among different specialties in my supposed to do, But whenever I would get chance to have contact with sick children, My affection towards this field would suddenly burst out and this  pendulum’s swing would suddenly halt and the only and only thing I would to love to do then is to learn their problem and having utmost desire to solve them.
Some wonderful experience in Peadiatrics ward are worth mentioning here.For when after long long years I would be reading this post, this would suddenly bring a breeze of pleasure and Love to me.
I can remember that little fairy of 4 years (a little pakhtun patient) whom I drew some fishes and aeroplane on a paper(although I don’t draw that good), during my ward test. She allowed me to do clinical examinations and would not allow me leave her as the bell ring to change the station. Ward test soon ended, I picked her up in my arms and when I was supposed to leave she denied even to go to her mother.(Girl i cant forget you for whole of my life).
Little Afzal is also hard to forget, who kisses your hand every time You shake it  with him and give You such an innocent and pure smell,that will take away all your worries.

Cute ritika (Oh my God), I still wonder how a Four month girl Could start crying immediately after seeing injection being filled from the ampule, reflecting that these angels do watch us, do feel what is Happening around them.


Jawaid a 5 year baby boy diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis with recently developed Limb weakness, Despite having severe pain in his  Limbs whenever he tries to move them, You just once way the boy and notice the response, His eyes will depict Hope and Broad smile , Bravery. (Bravo man!! You would soon be alright).

Every time I think Of their Illness, My heart turns heavy and i melancholic, But the virtues these Bravos manifest, makes me all right, Their cuteness, affection , Love, bravery and above all “Hope” gives me immense strength.
Dont know, where Life will take me, what will I be doing in my future, But These feelings, these moments have secluded a Place in my life and will always be there with bringing an aroma of gratitude and Love whenever I recall my memories 🙂 🙂


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