Dow safarnama

Chhotti si gali,ek chhotta sheher tha,
Hua jahan se shuru ye safar tha,

Hazaron students kaa hua ek test,
Dow ke liye, hogayaa select,

Ammi ne ki packing, daale kapre , badaam aur khajoor,
Kardee naseehat”sardee hogee, pehn’na  kambal zaroor”.
1st year
Wo pehla din uni ka, thoraa nervous thoraa fakhar,
kaise hai karna manage, kuch bhi na thee khabar,

Module ki tension, uper se hostel kaa khanaa.
Pehla semester aur jaundice hojaana,

Mushkil saa lagtaa thaa sabh kuch un dinon,
nayaan thaa sab kuch ,yun maanon,

 Waqt ki sui barhtee gaee ,
kuch nayen doston ki company milli,

kuch raastaa hamwaar saa hua,
dow se thoraa piyaar saa hua.

Phir Tafreeh kuch karne lage,
Lecture hall se ziyaada BCR mein bethne Lage.

Yaad parhta hai wo 2nd semester kaa ana
ik bachi kaa dil p dastak dejaana,

Haaye , kaanon mein saara din mp3 lagaana ,
sun k gaane use imagine karte jaana.

WO neuro kaa paper baraa hi ajeeb thaa ,
Pass karliyaa , ye meraa naseeb thaa.

2nd year:
Jun tun kar k pahunche 2nd year m.
Har taraf bus C.G k charche.

Har kisi kaa ek hii saa thaa haal
Ban gayaa c.g?  yehi thaa sawal.

Hum to the neendon m , ayaa college ka alert,
banaa lo c.g, person hain last date

Doston ne phir bhi kuch  himat dikhaai,
Aise crucial moments p bhi soyaa hua thaa bhaai,

khair wo bhi waqt thaa bus guzar gayaa,
Do din mein ek cg ban gaaya.
3rd year:
Civil ki journey phir hogaee start,
With hernia, chole and lump in sugical ward.

Ward test ka blunder na bhul paun shayad ,
percussed abdomen with one hand , kardee thee had.

Haaye Mein sadqe jaaun apne confidence ke .
Bol diyaa mam ko k ” aise hee dia wa hai book m “.

Khair ye silsila yun chaltaa raha,
C.G se adjustment kaa bhi scene on thaa.

Peads ward ki kuch mehfooz hai yaadein,
Ward test m wo pukhtoon guria ki baatein,

Kehne lagee uthaa lo mujhe apne kandhe per,
Le chalo saath apne, nhn jaana hai ghar.

Hahaha, yun hogae poore teen saal.
60% doctor kaa label karne lagaa istemaal.

4th year:
4th year pahuche, barhtaa gae craze,
har taraf lagee thee USMle ki race,

race mein lagne ki koshish mein ne bhi kaee baar,
per janaa tha ghar every15th  day, home sickness thee yaar

kaplan aur golijan k beech atka raha mein,
Kabhi parhnaa semester , kbhi usmle  parhta raha mein.

yun 4th year bhi dekhte dekhte guzar gaya..
Final year mein per meraa parh gayaa.
Final Year

Pehlaa hee ward gynea kaa lagaa,
O.t mein jaatee hi sar chakraa gayaa,

baad us ke surgey start hua.
interseting hai surgery first time ehsaas hua.

Ortho gaye 3 din , lag gaye grade
Hogai hawaa tight when result was withheld.

last semester ki masti , annual week ka fun ,
cultural day ka dance , crazy day p paagalpan,

Ab khatam hone ko hai aaya safar ,
Feb tak Dowites’15 ban jaenge Doctor,

In the last ,thanks to all mates,
For Making me DMC, An unforgettable place 🙂

Sagar Athwani…..




































“Maaan”!! “Yaad Hai Mujhe “

Maa!! Tera wo pyaar -o-mohabat , Yaad hai Mujhe,
Tere Khushbudaar Un khaanon ki Lazzat yaad hai mujhe,

Teri her baat per mery Taraf dariyaan karna,
Meri Galtiyon ko kehna Bus”masoom Shararat”, Yaad hai Mujhe ,

Mera Bachpan se utha Late wo school Ki khaatir,
Tery school ki schedule p wo tahumat , Yaad hai mujhe

Mery tooti phooti , saada Totli, masoom Boli per,
Teh-e-dil se wo tera karna sama’at, Yad hai Mujhe,

Haan Jab mein hua udaas ik zara se Lamhe ko ,

Tasli se tery wo milna dil ko rahat , Yaaad Hai Mujhe,

Yaqeen hai Mujh Ko , mujhe Koi Gum na Dhaa sake ga,
Duaen Tery kerti hain Hifaazat, Yaad hai mujhe

Tery Khidmat se karna chahta hai, Hayaat apni “Sagar”
Tere peron tale bastee hai Jannat, Yaad Hai Mujhe,

Maan tera pyaar -o- mohabat Yaad hai mujhe
Tere Khushboodar Un khanon Ki Lazzat Yaad hai Mujhe 🙂

Happy mothers Day 🙂


Few Lines For my First Love “My Mom” Lovely most personality on the earth For me 🙂



Hope ( A Divine Force Running the manKind) – Find it, its around “

If I start Writing this at this odd hour of the night- Its a hope that I will Do it.
Hope can be a possibility,an opportunity , an Uplifting spirit  and sometimes the Only and only reason and Rationale to live. Its like “Bird’s song for someone stranded in a forest that Gives Him a  sign of Life”, ” A sip of Water in a desert  that reassures him life” ,”Its like Moonlight to the waves of an Ocean that races them Up”, and “Rain to the fields that makes them green like never Before.”
The most Wonderful Thing about “Hope is , It is  always and always supportive until alive and The most Drastic one ,”You perish ,once its lost”.
It makes You tolerate the Hardships , and Brings You  an- ” I can Do attitude”.Lets consider the basis Of Human Birth, “labor pain” is the worst pain human can experience but there is a hope to mother that after all this pain there will be a Gain that will wash away all the feelings of feeling worst and Devasted, Suppose if one day all the mothers stop hoping this and Don,t deliver Babies anymore “Just imagine about the world or there would be no more world.


Where to Find It ???

Its within You , Its around You  its Every where Only thing we need to do is identify and remove the Obstacles Like Doubts, fears , pessimism and Guilt  , Keeping it off your eyes, Believe me Hope is always One step away , And Once You cross the Thin Barrier Of fear ,Negativity and Doubts , You enter a world of – “Yes” ,” i can Do” ,”Nothing Is Impossible” and “Bad times won’t last long” attitude and start having Life 🙂
We Believe Or not , We all are Run by this Divine Force, Just Give it a Thought, Its a Circle Of Divine Blessings, We are safe and sound Until in , Once Out , Destruction and Devastation is our destiny.
Whenever You Get depressed in Life , Tell Yourself This simple sentence and It will work ,”
O My Heart , Never loose Hope ,
“Sun Will shine again ,
Dark Nights Won’t remain, 
Sorrows will soon vanish , 
There will be Moments to cherish,
Drought won’t last long,
There will be a rain along,
Happiness will come our way, 
look!! pain is running away,
Hope , hope ,Hope and never Loose it ,
without the hope You will never Have it,
Hope is an Insight to a Blind, 
“its The divine force Running the mankind

Sagar athwani,

A visionary Gathering with Friends after Gotam’s Birthday Celebration :)

quotations Belong to Different Authors , Bracketed names suggest who narrates 🙂

Yesterday is a History, Tomorrow is a mystery , But today is a Gift That’s why We call it A present 🙂
(Sagar KC)
The Best thing about the truth is that You don’t need to remember anything 🙂
(lokesh Ukrani)
What you Dislike in another, Take care to correct it in Yourself
(Birthday BOY)
Most of us will not Do great things in life, We must learn to know simple things with much Greatness
Whenever You fall in Life Don’t get Depressed , Pick Something UP:)
(lokesh Ukrani)
Spoken words and Wasted time can never be taken back .
(Sagar Kc)
OnLy thing that can save is Your tongue , Only Your Tongue 🙂
(Gotam kumar Rathi)
You cant Leave your footprints on the sand of the word by sitting on Your Butts, And obviously No one in the world would love to leave Butt prints 😉
(sagar Athwani)
To live in the world is rare , Otherwise most of people just exist 🙂
(Sagar Kc)
Smile is the Curve that Makes every thing Straight 🙂
(Lokesh Ukrani)
Its rare to live in the world , those who do are Greats 🙂
(Gotam Kumar Rathi)
Its not about the Destination, Its all about cherishing the Journey 🙂
(sagar Athwani)
Lokesh Skips ……..
Yaadon b Mehndee wangur Hundiyun aahin , sukee wanjan khan Poe rang laeendiun aahin
(Gotam Kumar Rathi)
The only difference Between debate and discussion is , Debate No one learns , Discussion Everybody Does 🙂
(Sagar Athwani)
Lord , Give me the courage to change the things I can change, And accept the Things I cant 🙂
(sagar Kc)
Lokesh holds my hand and starts …….
A person is known by the company he keeps, So be wise enough  to choose your company 🙂
(Lokesh )
Its better to be satisfied with Yourself , rather than satisfying every one 🙂
(Gotam Kumar)
I don’t Know the secret to success, but I know the secret to Failure is trying to Please everyone 🙂
(Sagar Athwani)
Never Compete with Anyone , Try to break your last Best record 🙂
(Lokesh Ukrani)
Without Hard work nothing Grows But Weeds 🙂
(Sagar Kc)
Kadahn p pehnje Hoslan Jee imaarat khe na kiran diyo, aksar manhun kiryal immartun joon sirun bhi khanii wendaa ahin 🙂
(Gotam Kumar)
We all are labeled by different negative labels, The worst Happens When We start Accepting them on ourselves 🙂
(sagar Athwani)
Its all about your attitude , not the brands you wear or High heals , that make you Genuine Personality  (lokesh Ukrani )
The Future belongs to those  who believe in their Dreams 🙂
(Sagar Kc)
Worry more about what comes out of your mouth than What Goes in 🙂
(Gotam Kumar Rathi)
The worst feeling One can Have is that of being Ignored, Human is Basically Designed to be Loved , Respected and Cared for, Give them their Basic right 🙂
(sagar athwani)
Dont Stop chasing Dreams , They Do Come True 🙂
(Lokesh kumar )
Instead Of Hating your enemies, treat Your friends a little better
(Sagar Kc)
Most problems can be solved by talking to them rather than talking of them 🙂
(Gotam Kumar )
O My Heart, Never Loose Hope , There will always be a sunshine after the Darkest Night 🙂
(sagar Athwani)

Sagar Kc Says :
Respect and Enjoy today , Think before you speak and don’t waste time,Make a history before you become a history,Let Go,Better to Give time to those who are near than wasting time who are far ,Dream it  and Do it 🙂
Lokesh Kumar Says:
Speak Truth (Although surprising to receive it from Lokesh),Chase Your Dreams ,compete to Your self ,personality is what are you , not what are you with ,Keep smiling 🙂
Gotam Kumar Says :
sweep your own door , think twice before speak, Greatness is living the world,memories never die,talk to one whom you have  problem with,speak Carefully 🙂
Sagar Athwani says :
Respect small things in Your life,Work Hard (although I don’t Do ),Cherish the moments you are in,We must respect other’s opinion, And keep Learning,Don’t waste time to Please Everyone,recognize yourself and don’t accept all the Negativeness people label You with,Don’t Ignore Others,Never ever Loose Hope 🙂
Awesome Time

‘Living in the Present is a Present”


 Johny was merely 14 years old, a student of 8th standard ,living with his step mother in hut of straws in a distant village.
His mother had died in an epidemic of cholera and father succumbed to cancer. Stepmother brought him up as his own son since she never delivered a baby. She would earn him food, paid his school fees ,clothing etc. Johny too loved her and paid reverence to her like his mother. He did his studies and helped his mother with domestic errands. They were leading a life of poverty yet contentment, gratitude and satisfaction.

It was a Monday morning , Johny departed his house for school happily as he always did. His favorite literature teacher Micheal quoted lines from a Novel “we all are destined to do something special and permanent satisfaction can only be attained when we become successful to realize our destiny”. This single thought had penetrated his heart and was cruising through his immature and innocent mind continuously. This Thinking had turned gingery, vivacious Johny to melancholic one Because he had not even determined his destiny, its realization did seem Far fetched. ”How could One treat a disease without even diagnosing it” Johny mused. He escaped the school in middle and hustled to his home, He was inattentive to his mother and surroundings as if something was running through his mind and pricking him deep inside His Heart may be” a fear -a fear of not becoming a satisfied and gratified grown man”. This fear had shrunken his heart and made him gloomy.
He started cerebrating what he actually wanted to do with his life. Sometimes he considered becoming a doctor because his parents had died of diseases and at times he wondered he should become a merchant so that he could earn enough money to jump from a life of needyhood to a prosperous living, different ideas were sailing in the mind of the young boy making him even more confused and uncertain about his “supposed to be”. Gradually uncertainty was turning into despair, defeatism and disappointment as day passed and darkness arrived.
As it was a summer, so at night he was lying down outside his hut looking at the Sky. He could Discern the crescent, stars ,constellations and galaxies with the same thought running through his mind”. Sometimes he was cursing himself for going to school that day and thinking about students who were lucky(may be ignorant) enough to let go the teacher’s sentence. The night soon started to sleep and dawn was heralded but Johny’s eyes were still awaken.
Days went on with Johny’s fondness for his destiny growing stronger and stronger and same practice of company with lonely sky, constellations, crescent and galaxies continued.
It was a cloudy Friday night ,Johny was outside his hut like every other night looking at the sky. Today sky was not the same, it did not contained or may be showed of what it held, the only entity he could perceive was immense surface of clouds. “Even the galaxies and crescent had left me alone”, the boy esteemed. His eyes had turned red due to awakenings
Next night, Sky showed as before with same set of stars, galaxies and crescent .Initially it didn’t make much sense to him but suddenly despair and pessimism vanished from his eyes and his eyes started to gleam and sparkle ”Contemplating what is in front me” he told himself. One can determine his destiny by contemplating conditions in front of him” since stars were there on Friday night too but they remained hidden because of clouds same may be the case with my destiny boy consoled him as it may be always around me but vague. I need to contemplate the present and for that I need to live in the present away from the worries of past and forseeings of future. “What an intelligent boy I have Become” boy rewarded him with some admiration. He could sleep with comfort that night knowing that now he had some mission in his life.
Next morning, he woke up with his face reflecting plenty of confidence. He prayed that may God help him discover his destiny, he was happy because now he knew about the “contemplating the conditions by living in the present”.
He started to notice every move he made, everything he did, his likes , dislikes, inclinations and interests, What he wanted to do when he was free and what he felt free with.
Within a period of weeks he had started noticing that he had pretended crying in front of his teacher whenever he could not complete his homework to save himself from punishment. Some times he would act as a senior to outrage his juniors, and sometimes he would feign innocent before his mother to get some extra pocket money so that he could accompany his pals to witness the stage drama organized by groups from different cities and when he returned he would imitate the actors and mimic them so fluently as if he had been directed by the same director. He had never missed any opportunity to act but he could not feel it before cause he didn’t think about this deeply. But now, he had started scrutinizing the present that had made him to figure out what actually he was meant to do. “Perhaps I have been sent to become an actor “ he told himself with his eyes shimmering and tears rolling out of his eyes after all he had triumphed in his quest.
How will my destiny will get realized he thought. He considered feeling relax and not to worry about future because living in present had brought him such a magnificent gift of determining his destiny. He slept comfortably.
Next morning he narrated his journey since the day he was plunged into thought of figuring out the destiny till the day he became victrious to ravel the mystery. Mother advised him to surely follow his destiny. Johny seeked help from his mother to realize his destiny. “Courage” she replied, with a note of tenderness in her voice “Courage to persue the destiny and patience to remain stuck to it” she elaborated. Johny felt a bit relieved with the reply. She quoted some lines from “Alchemis”t for Johny “There is one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve”the fear of failure” .”God helps those who help themselves” she added. She caressed his face and kissed his forehead “Go my son and persue your destiny may success and satisfaction kiss your foot”
The boy was packing his bags with mixed feelings of heavy and lightheartedness for at one end was his mother who needed her and at other end was his carrier what he needed the most and had been longing for. Finally he set out for the city to go after his carrier.
He reached the city with no one known there. A teenager alone in the city of immense population with some people seemed welcoming and appealing and other stern and grim with no shelter and food. He slept on the footpath in the night and looked for job in film industry in the day but failed consistently for some days but didn’t give up. Soon started working in roadside small restaurant (dhaba) in daytime which would earn him food and enough money to watch stage dramas in the evenings. what he watched in drama he would implement in his restaurant like welcoming them like that in different cultures and serving the tea and breakfast in typical filmy style. This would make up the mood of customers and he started receiving good tip ,earned even more money and he started watching more dramas to polish and strengthen his art of acting. This went on for months since the day when a film director’s car got punctured outside their restaurant, he waited till repair at restaurant. Johny hovered at him with a smile on his face and gentleman ordered tea. Johny presented tea in his typical dramatic style and had words with the man. The Director got pleased and impressed with Little johny’s dealing and innocence and offered a minor role in his film. Johny golden day had arrived and spontaneously exclaimed “sure !!!”. Johny’s performance was an eye catcher and attracted many filmmakers to cast him. Within a span of years he became one of the most celebrated actors in the country.
Media personals followed him for shows and interviews. Once in an interview he was asked by an interviewer “we came to know principles like contemplating the conditions in front you, patience and courage brought you such success and.,.,.,.,,” “living in present” said Johny interrupting the reporter and recalling the moments when was happy and tranquil and lived thoroughly in present-phase of life before teacher’s sentence and the night which made him capable of sorting out his confusion. “Future makes us worried and past makes depressed, it is only present that brings peace to our mind”.Peace blesses our mind with patience, patience imparts courage and steadfastness in us that makes our dreams come true and gives us a sense of complete gratitude.
“ So the best present we can be given by the God is an art of living in the present”

Sagar Athwani,,,

Some Experiences Worth Mentioning

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Every time I enter that half-opened Gate of Peadiatrics ward II with  (terhee Topee wala chacha saying salam sahab) I feel like I am entering an entirely Different World, A world where angels are sent to get Cured, to regain their redness & freshness.

Through my clinical rotations(approximately 24 months now), I have been a sort of pendulum swinging among different specialties in my supposed to do, But whenever I would get chance to have contact with sick children, My affection towards this field would suddenly burst out and this  pendulum’s swing would suddenly halt and the only and only thing I would to love to do then is to learn their problem and having utmost desire to solve them.
Some wonderful experience in Peadiatrics ward are worth mentioning here.For when after long long years I would be reading this post, this would suddenly bring a breeze of pleasure and Love to me.
I can remember that little fairy of 4 years (a little pakhtun patient) whom I drew some fishes and aeroplane on a paper(although I don’t draw that good), during my ward test. She allowed me to do clinical examinations and would not allow me leave her as the bell ring to change the station. Ward test soon ended, I picked her up in my arms and when I was supposed to leave she denied even to go to her mother.(Girl i cant forget you for whole of my life).
Little Afzal is also hard to forget, who kisses your hand every time You shake it  with him and give You such an innocent and pure smell,that will take away all your worries.

Cute ritika (Oh my God), I still wonder how a Four month girl Could start crying immediately after seeing injection being filled from the ampule, reflecting that these angels do watch us, do feel what is Happening around them.


Jawaid a 5 year baby boy diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis with recently developed Limb weakness, Despite having severe pain in his  Limbs whenever he tries to move them, You just once way the boy and notice the response, His eyes will depict Hope and Broad smile , Bravery. (Bravo man!! You would soon be alright).

Every time I think Of their Illness, My heart turns heavy and i melancholic, But the virtues these Bravos manifest, makes me all right, Their cuteness, affection , Love, bravery and above all “Hope” gives me immense strength.
Dont know, where Life will take me, what will I be doing in my future, But These feelings, these moments have secluded a Place in my life and will always be there with bringing an aroma of gratitude and Love whenever I recall my memories 🙂 🙂