“Maaan”!! “Yaad Hai Mujhe “

Maa!! Tera wo pyaar -o-mohabat , Yaad hai Mujhe,
Tere Khushbudaar Un khaanon ki Lazzat yaad hai mujhe,

Teri her baat per mery Taraf dariyaan karna,
Meri Galtiyon ko kehna Bus”masoom Shararat”, Yaad hai Mujhe ,

Mera Bachpan se utha Late wo school Ki khaatir,
Tery school ki schedule p wo tahumat , Yaad hai mujhe

Mery tooti phooti , saada Totli, masoom Boli per,
Teh-e-dil se wo tera karna sama’at, Yad hai Mujhe,

Haan Jab mein hua udaas ik zara se Lamhe ko ,

Tasli se tery wo milna dil ko rahat , Yaaad Hai Mujhe,

Yaqeen hai Mujh Ko , mujhe Koi Gum na Dhaa sake ga,
Duaen Tery kerti hain Hifaazat, Yaad hai mujhe

Tery Khidmat se karna chahta hai, Hayaat apni “Sagar”
Tere peron tale bastee hai Jannat, Yaad Hai Mujhe,

Maan tera pyaar -o- mohabat Yaad hai mujhe
Tere Khushboodar Un khanon Ki Lazzat Yaad hai Mujhe 🙂

Happy mothers Day 🙂


Few Lines For my First Love “My Mom” Lovely most personality on the earth For me 🙂




Hope ( A Divine Force Running the manKind) – Find it, its around “

If I start Writing this at this odd hour of the night- Its a hope that I will Do it.
Hope can be a possibility,an opportunity , an Uplifting spirit  and sometimes the Only and only reason and Rationale to live. Its like “Bird’s song for someone stranded in a forest that Gives Him a  sign of Life”, ” A sip of Water in a desert  that reassures him life” ,”Its like Moonlight to the waves of an Ocean that races them Up”, and “Rain to the fields that makes them green like never Before.”
The most Wonderful Thing about “Hope is , It is  always and always supportive until alive and The most Drastic one ,”You perish ,once its lost”.
It makes You tolerate the Hardships , and Brings You  an- ” I can Do attitude”.Lets consider the basis Of Human Birth, “labor pain” is the worst pain human can experience but there is a hope to mother that after all this pain there will be a Gain that will wash away all the feelings of feeling worst and Devasted, Suppose if one day all the mothers stop hoping this and Don,t deliver Babies anymore “Just imagine about the world or there would be no more world.


Where to Find It ???

Its within You , Its around You  its Every where Only thing we need to do is identify and remove the Obstacles Like Doubts, fears , pessimism and Guilt  , Keeping it off your eyes, Believe me Hope is always One step away , And Once You cross the Thin Barrier Of fear ,Negativity and Doubts , You enter a world of – “Yes” ,” i can Do” ,”Nothing Is Impossible” and “Bad times won’t last long” attitude and start having Life 🙂
We Believe Or not , We all are Run by this Divine Force, Just Give it a Thought, Its a Circle Of Divine Blessings, We are safe and sound Until in , Once Out , Destruction and Devastation is our destiny.
Whenever You Get depressed in Life , Tell Yourself This simple sentence and It will work ,”
O My Heart , Never loose Hope ,
“Sun Will shine again ,
Dark Nights Won’t remain, 
Sorrows will soon vanish , 
There will be Moments to cherish,
Drought won’t last long,
There will be a rain along,
Happiness will come our way, 
look!! pain is running away,
Hope , hope ,Hope and never Loose it ,
without the hope You will never Have it,
Hope is an Insight to a Blind, 
“its The divine force Running the mankind

Sagar athwani,