A visit to Dar-ul-Sukun (special Children Home).

(Exploring the Innocence)

Dar ul sukun

What I Have started sharing with u guys is one of the most touchy visits I ever paid anywhere – A visit to Special Children Home (Dar-ul-sukun)..

It was a Fine cloudy Tuesday morning, with it slightly raining ,We had Planned to Visit “Dar-Ul-Sukun” as DIF (Dowites innovative Forum) Community service project.

Journey started with a special sense of pleasure and Gratitude , as if some mystic force was keeping our mood elevated and making us feel the warmth of memorable moments waiting for us ahead. (They say “when u move in nature’s direction, it is only when u are at peace) . Reached there and what we saw was something, someone only could imagine of .” A Garden full of Children Playing, partying , enjoying and Spreading the happiness everywhere. I could Feel the aroma of Joys , celebrations and Love everywhere.

Rumi Says, “ Mature are those who are Free of Desires” & we were amongst the most mature people of the world , who did not hesitate talking to stranger as if whole universe belongs to them and they  to everyone..no attitude problem , no shyness conveying their emotions ,  rejoicing even tiny moment and let not slip a chance of joy slipping out of their Hand.

They welcomed us with Big Smiles on their innocent faces , as if we were their Friends since Decades,,,…. May be that’s why they were called special Because they had special power to interpret the language of universe (Language of Love and Smiles).

They were so full of talent – we were privileged to meet a Medalist Athlete “Ali” and s extraordinary “Raja”- The man’s vault was full of Appreciation certificates and Medals-  Raja!! u made me feel depressed for a while boy afterall I was a worldly man 😛 lolz.

dar ul sukun

   Above all they were owner of natures most beautiful Gift “Innocence”….Ashfaque Ahmed writes in his zaviyawhen we Die , God shall ask to show the innocence he (God) had blessed us with , we will be showing our Degrees and Achievements but nothing would be acceptable but innocence” ,those children had maintained that blessing and if it is the case may be they have a better world ahead and as per Rumi were“The mature most”.

                                                         Anything that purifies your heart is a right path , and yes we were on right path , we were getting cleaned inside , the greatest favor those “specials” did to us was gifting us some moments full of innocence and carefreeness and secluding us a special place far away from the busy world of Trade and Diplomacy…… I was “myself” there without having feigned seriousness and toughness ,without any fear and Doubt about my Identity, simply “Me”

It does not make me feel hesitated calling them special because they were so special Indeed (They were how they were sent to the word-carefree, pure and innocent)

The visit had left an everlasting impression on my life, I was privileged to witness a world I could only imagine of,,,,,,,,

If ever u Get a chance to visit a place like this , seize it, Believe me It will make u start discovering you and will render u “yourself” with all worldly masks removed ..  

Sagar athwani